Pari Vortex
Pari Vortex


PARI Medical Ltd are suppliers of the PARI VORTEX® – the first anti-static spacer device with a unique ‘cyclone-twist’ principle.  Small enough to fit in a handbag (150mm x 55mm size), it will fit ANY commonly-used MDI (metered dose inhaler).


Children and the elderly can find it difficult to actuate a metered dose inhaler and breathe in at the same time. This can cause an increased deposition in the mouth and throat.  The PARI VORTEX® anti-static spacer device helps to overcome this. When the patient breathes in, the aerosol starts to move in a circle preventing it sticking to the sides of the chamber. This effectively directs the fine droplets to the lungs, so undesirable medication deposits are reduced in the mouth and throat cavity.  Another great advantage is that you don’t have to prime the spacer as it is made of aluminium.


The low dead-space (4ml) also makes it ideal for babies who have a low inspiratory volume.  Two different sized child masks are available.


It will last for a year and can be boiled, autoclaved or cleaned in a dishwasher.



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