Genus Launches new 1050g Cetraben Pump
Genus Launches new 1050g Cetraben Pump

Genus Launches new 1050g Cetraben Pump – to help facilitate NICE Guidance

Genus has introduced the 1050g Cetraben pump, which is the largest size available on the UK market.  The pump will be welcomed by healthcare professionals who are trying to work within the new NICE guidelines for the management of atopic eczema. In December 2007 NICE issued clinical guidance on the management of atopic eczema in children from birth up to 12 years.  The guidance states that emollients should form the basis of atopic eczema management, and that leave on emollients should be prescribed in large quantities of 250 – 500g weekly.  With the largest current emollient pack/pump size standing at just 500g, the new guidelines could mean the need for increased prescriptions and visits to the GP. The new 1050g Cetraben pump provides more than double the amount of emollient found in standard pack sizes, and once prescribed could halve the number of prescriptions necessary per patient.  The pump has also been specially designed to provide a metered dose of 10g per actuation making it easier for parents to gauge the amount needed and minimise waste.

Cetraben is a highly emollient cream suitable for all dry skin conditions.  It is an effective, non-greasy, fragrance free formulation developed specially to aid concordance amongst children and adults.  The new 1050g pack has an NHS price of £11.11p. This makes the cream in this container the lowest cost per gram of all branded emollient creams.


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