Cetraben Emollient Cream 500g
Cetraben Emollient Cream 500g

The Cetrapump from Genus

A Revolutionary Emollient Dispenser Designed to save the NHS £5.9 million and Prevent Contamination

Recent research has revealed a massive waste issue in the emollient market.  The research, undertaken by an independent company and recently reported in PRESCRIBER, highlighted that 500 tons (500,000 kg) of emollient cream is potentially wasted each year as a result of poorly performing packaging pumps. The estimated cost to the NHS of this wasted emollient is £5.9 million.

To help resolve this issue Genus has introduced a new pump pack for Cetraben Emollient Cream 500g.  The new Cetrapump utilises Airless Packaging Technology which significantly reduces waste making Cetraben 500g the most cost efficient emollient.  Genus is the first company to utilise this technology for a 500g prescription pack.

Additional research amongst eczema sufferers has also highlighted the current problem of contamination, not to mention accidental self-harm, as patients employ desperate measures to remove the entire product from poorly performing pumps.  Patients revealed that they use nail scissors and knives to chop open the pumps and use fingers, spoons or forks to try to extract the remaining cream.  In addition pots are left exposed to environmental pollution for days, in some instances weeks, as the patient endeavours to use up all the emollient. (Ref: data on file)

The new Cetrapump has a revolutionary design which uses negative pressure to lift the cream up the container into the pump head.  This minimises dead space and ensures that a minimum of 490g is dispensed from each 500g container.  This represents a reduction in wasted cream of up to 28%.

The nozzle of the new Cetrapump has a broad curved surface which makes it easy to depress using a finger, hand or elbow.  4g is dispensed per actuation which allows prescribers to specify how much cream to use per actuation.  Each time the pump is depressed the piston rises, pushing the cream up in an action which wipes the cream cleanly from the sides.  The metered dose is dispensed via a one-way valve reducing risk of contamination.

The new Cetrapump is complete with a tamper evident seal which ensures safety and hygiene prior to dispensing, and which can be used to prevent actuation during subsequent transit.  It has a simple twist and lock pump which works in the “up” position to minimise waste.  The body of the pack has a clear indicator strip which shows the progress of the piston and allows the patient to see clearly how much cream is left, allowing them to order a new prescription in good time.

Cetraben which costs £5.61 (price unchanged) for a new 500g pump dispenser is the lowest price branded emollient pump available in the UK.  Together with the improved efficiency of the Cetrapump, Cetraben 500g is the most cost efficient branded prescription cream pump pack.

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