Vernacare launches new generation cleaning and disinfecting wipe
Vernacare launches new generation cleaning and disinfecting wipe


Vernacare has launched a powerful new cleaning and disinfecting wipe that is kind to the hands, yet eradicates the major five major groups of pathogens, including C.diff, MRSA and E. Coli.
Tuffie 5 has passed EU cosmetic legislation as safe to use on skin without gloves, yet is clinically proven to destroy spores such as C.Diff; bacteria, including E.Coli and MRSA; mycobacteria like Mycobacterium Terrae; yeasts and fungi including Candida, together with viruses such as Hepatitus C and HIV/Aids.
The new wipes provide a highly effective pre-impregnated wet wipe, capable of disinfecting all hard surfaces and equipment.
Tuffie 5 eradicates pathogens on initial impact, but industry tests show that its disinfecting properties continue to work after cleaning has taken place. 
The wipes are fragrance, chlorine and alcohol free, and are available initially in easy access tub dispensers containing 225 wipes. Small soft packs and wall mounted dispensers will also be introduced.
Results show the product is significantly safer and more effective than existing alcohol based products and independent tests back up these claims. All pathogens tested have been reduced by Log 4 or greater against BSEN standards, meaning 99.99% of bacteria, including C.Diff, have been destroyed.
Tuffie 5 has passed EN 1276, EN 14384, EN 1650, EN 13704,
EN 13727, EN1275 and EN 12054 standards. It also complies with EU 76/768/EEC cosmetics legislation as safe to use on hands. It conforms to British Standards (BS12054) as an effective hand sanitiser.
“Nurses have been telling us that they are confused by the plethora of cleaning wipes on the market”, said Martyn Gibson, Product Manager for Vernacare.
“We are delighted that we have managed to cut through the multitude of other products on the market and offer a single powerful wipe that fits all uses. Tuffie 5 is proven by stringent scientific tests to destroy the five major groups of pathogens – offering a product that infection control teams can rely upon in their efforts to create cleaner, safer healthcare environments and reduce infection risks.”

For a free sample tub of Tuffie 5, or further information contact the customer care team on 01204 555999, or email


Vernacare is part of Verna Group Ltd, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The company is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of infection control products for the healthcare sector. Its products are exported to 46 countries, and the Verna Macerator is used by 85% of UK Hospitals.