Synergy Healthcare, the leading provider of healthcare support systems to health services in the UK and Europe, has launched a breakthrough screening service designed to help hospitals in the fight against hospital super bugs such as MRSA.

The company has launched an MRSA screening service for hospitals, residential homes and care facilities through its pathology division JMJ laboratories and the new service promises a 2-4 hour turnaround compared to the traditional 24-48 hour turnaround associated with conventional screening methods.

The new service enables healthcare providers to screen for MRSA extremely quickly and efficiently and thereby potentially reduce the number of people who enter a healthcare facility already carrying the MRSA pathogen. By reducing the number of people entering the healthcare system with MRSA and treating them accordingly, Synergy believes this can play a vital role in helping reduce the spread of MRSA in hospitals.

The service forms part of Synergy’s overall infection control offering which covers personal hygiene, hard surface and equipment hygiene and management of airborne pathogens.

Screening patients for MRSA on arrival at hospital is becoming increasingly common and is a key strategic initiative designed to reduce the occurrence of the organism in hospitals.
Screening for the presence of MRSA is a precautionary step which can prove vital as 5-7% of patients entering hospitals have been shown to be carrying MRSA. If they are identified in advance they can be treated in isolation.

The new testing service harnesses Polymerase Chain Reaction processes to deliver a test which is highly sensitive and specific to MRSA and importantly delivers a two to four hour turnaround from swab to receipt of result.

The screening service is being targeted at both emergency and elective admissions. By using the new service for elective admissions Synergy believes that it will be possible to screen immediately prior to admission and thereby reduce the risk of patients acquiring MRSA bacteria in the time between screen and admission.

The service has already been adopted by both NHS and private healthcare providers.

According to Anne Macmillan, Marketing Director of Synergy’s Patient Care Division, “This new service will enable healthcare providers to screen patients much more effectively and quickly for MRSA and by doing this reduce the risk of MRSA outbreaks occurring in hospitals. This service has been developed as part of our total infection control strategy covering personal hygiene, disinfection of surfaces and sterilisation of equipment and removal of airborne pathogens in a hospital setting.

“The screening service has been developed to deliver a fast turnaround and a highly accurate result, Anne Macmillan adds.”

As Alison Payne, Managing Director of JMJ Laboratories highlights, “This service delivers a real breakthrough for healthcare providers by reducing the turnaround time on screening from days to hours. This is of critical importance to hospitals especially at a time when they are working extensively to control the spread of MRSA in hospitals with intensive infection control programmes. This screening service can help hospitals reduces the number of people entering a hospital with MRSA and thereby reduce overall infection rates.”

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